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    best worst conversation ever


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    best worst conversation ever Empty best worst conversation ever

    Post  faquad on Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:07 am

    to make troops
    <2:49>[Faquad]: the max troops you can make at a time is your idle pop
    <2:49>[hydra]: make the lazy bums join your army,
    <2:49>[RyanReece]: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh COOL!
    <2:50>[Faquad]: but they reginerate after tehy join your army
    <2:51>[Faquad]: couple more buildings and i'll have 20k prestige!
    <2:51>[SirLessthanZer0]: grats
    <2:51>[hydra]: thats what we should do to all the homeless people. Instead off giving them a monthly check we shold send them to boot camp
    <2:51>[RyanReece]: Thats another thing how do i gain prestige? Like wat causes it to go up?
    <2:51>[RyanReece]: I AGREE!
    <2:52>[Faquad]: yeah cause thats the people i wanted fighting next to me
    <2:52>[RyanReece]: If ur a bum u gotta fight. Rules lol.
    <2:52>[Faquad]: anything you do buildings troops walldefences
    <2:52>[RyanReece]: I agree with Faquad too tho...that WOULD blow
    <2:52>[RyanReece]: lol.
    <2:53>[hydra]: make special units that are made entirely of homeless people and make them drive point
    <2:53>[Faquad]: a bums with guns, that could be the name of the program
    <2:53>[RyanReece]: Well i mean they wouldn't be so bad after we fed em bulked em up and trained em and threatened em a lot lol.
    <2:53>[RyanReece]: LOLOLLOOL
    <2:53>[RyanReece]: DEFINATELY Lol.
    <2:54>[Faquad]: tell them the ragheads stole their carts
    <2:55>[hydra]: It wouldn't last long though. Whithin a few months there wont be anymore new bums to "recruit"
    <2:55>[RyanReece]: HELL YEA Lol.
    <2:55>[RyanReece]: The point exactly...
    <2:55>[Faquad]: isn't that the point though
    <2:55>[RyanReece]: Then we use the our secret weapon...give em all knives...throwing knoves. Wink
    <2:55>[SirLessthanZer0]: alright guys, i'll tty tomorrow
    <2:55>[SirLessthanZer0]: late
    <2:55>[RyanReece]: LATER BRO
    <2:56>[Faquad]: but i don't know if they would be worth the equipment cost
    <2:56>[Faquad]: later
    <2:56>[RyanReece]: Tell em that the enemy were the evil ones and that if they didn't kill them they'd steal the rainbows away...
    <2:56>[RyanReece]: that'd get em movin. Wink
    <2:56>[RyanReece]: And pay em in meds...
    <2:56>[RyanReece]: lol
    <2:57>[RyanReece]: ahhhhhhhhhhhh im a*
    <2:57>[Faquad]: pay em in booze
    <2:57>[RyanReece]: NO! That's what we'd pay the BUMS with lol.
    <2:57>[hydra]: thats why u put them in the cars that the gov got from the Cash for clunkers program and put them on point
    <2:57>[RyanReece]: BUM SQUAD!
    <2:57>[RyanReece]: UNITE!!!
    <2:57>[RyanReece]: Da ta da dummmm!!!!
    <2:57>[hydra]: LOL
    <2:58>[Faquad]: could you see them triong to march
    <2:58>[RyanReece]: Our smelly victory has arrived lol.
    <2:58>[RyanReece]: fucccccccccccccccck no. lol.
    <2:58>[Faquad]: atent hut
    <2:58>[RyanReece]: and drunk n*lol.
    <2:58>[RyanReece]: Hiccup lol.
    <2:59>[hydra]: they'll be shooting at pretty colors
    <2:59>[Faquad]: thats some funny shit right there
    <2:59>[RyanReece]: all over the*place and layin down sleepin n*lol.
    <2:59>[RyanReece]: Jus passin out mid battle. lOL.
    <2:59>[Faquad]: their tents would be cheap just give them a cardboard box
    <2:59>[RyanReece]: we're some*up i like it. =p
    <3:0>[RyanReece]: Hell yea! Lol.
    <3:0>[hydra]: 50% missing in action
    <3:0>[hydra]: LOL
    <3:0>[Faquad]: and their nap sacks newspaper
    <3:0>[RyanReece]: O YEA! lol. Drunk and absent. Lol.
    <3:0>[RyanReece]: hahahahahahahaha
    <3:1>[Faquad]: this has to be the best worst conversation ever
    <3:1>[hydra]: Bum Squad humvee = shopping cart
    <3:1>[Faquad]: LO
    <3:1>[Faquad]: L
    <3:1>[RyanReece]: ohhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaah* thats funny! lol.
    <3:1>[RyanReece]: I agree Faq
    <3:1>[RyanReece]: lol.
    <3:1>[RyanReece]: ohhhhhhhhhhh damn. Lol.
    <3:2>[Faquad]: canteens full of schltz
    <3:2>[hydra]: lol
    <3:2>[RyanReece]: HAAHAHAHA oh damn
    <3:3>[Faquad]: that would of changed my opinion of hydration drills
    <3:3>[RyanReece]: FCK YEAH! Lol.
    <3:3>[hydra]: salvation army provides the unforms
    <3:3>[RyanReece]: flanel tuxedos n* lol.
    <3:3>[Faquad]: that would be anther good name for the unit
    <3:3>[RyanReece]: Lookin like dressed up lumberjacks lol.
    <3:3>[RyanReece]: HAHAHAH
    <3:3>[hydra]: lol
    <3:4>[RyanReece]: God i wanna save this convo and post it up! Lol.

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