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    FAQ: All u need to know about Evony.


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    FAQ: All u need to know about Evony. Empty FAQ: All u need to know about Evony.

    Post  SilentStray on Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:19 pm

    The FAQ will give you a basic understanding of Evony and give the more experience players in your Alliance something to point you towards instead of answering the same questions 50 times a day.

    To begin this guide I will start with the most important part that everyone new to Evony should read!


    I looked all over map I have yet to see a single valley -> Valleys are: Forests, Lakes, Flats, Swamps, Grasslands, Hills and Deserts.

    Where do I get medals -> You get medals from attacking valleys.

    EDIT: Ok I have been reading up about how to get medals for a while I finally found a method with some logic. Conquer and abandon. why does this make sense and other ways do not? Well because you have best chance to find a medal attacking a FULLY REGENERATED valley and when you abandon a valley it becomes FULLY REGENERATED.

    I have conquered my four valleys what happens if I attack more
    -> You gain resources and have chance of finding medal, then your troops automatically return to the city they were sent from

    Can I take another players city -> Yes, but only if the player has one or more cities. You CANNOT take a players only city.

    I got mail saying protection expired -> You often receive this hours early, your protection expires when your status changes.

    100% rate will kill my population/loyalty -> It will if you do not use disaster relief every 24 minutes or more (nice bonus 13 prestige is awarded each time you use this)

    How to get the most out of 100% tax -> Set tax rate to 5%. At 95 loyalty use disaster relief. Set tax rate 100%. Use disaster relief at 95 loyalty (which will happen in 24 minutes)

    I logged in and population was 0 -> This is why you DO NOT leave tax rate on 100% when you are not on to use disaster relief.

    Can I spawn an NPC and if so how -> Take a flat the level of flat determines npc level. build a city, build a rally point, send resources back. Abandon city. Thats it you will soon have an npc equal to the level of townhall

    How quickly does an NPC regain resources -> 5% an hour so every 20 hours it will have fully regained its resources.

    When do I get to have a castle on map -> Level 7 townhall

    When do I get to have a citadel on map -> level 10 townhall

    Is there a fast way to move heros between my cities -> Yes, reinforce your city with 1 scout and the hero you want to move

    How much is my next research cost -> Your next research costs double the last research for that field. Example 10k, 20k, 40k, 80k are the
    costs for the first 5 levels of archery

    How long is my next research -> just like the gold double the time of the last research

    I found a level 15 hero is that good -> maybe, a heroes level has nothing to do with how good he is. To determine how good a hero is take the highest base stat 70 and add to that their level in this case 15, so the ideal level 15 hero is 85 in its highest attribute. If you find a hero with the ideal amount hire/persuade that hero now! You are incredibly lucky. Otherwise a hero level 15 with highest attribute 75+ is ok, if you can use holy on the hero if its above level 1 and put extra stats into the main attribute.

    How big a difference is a level 20 hero with 70 highest attribute and level 1 hero with 70 highest stat -> Simply when the level 1 hero reaches level 20 he will have 90 in that attribute, cost less when you immidiatly hire him and allways be better slightly better then the level 20 hero who started at 70 highest attribute.

    How much a difference does 1 attribute make -> 1%.

    1% of what -> If it is a political hero 1% boost in resources and 1% reduction in construction time, if he is attack hero 1% increase unit defence if attacked and reduction in unit training time, if he is int hero less chance of sucessful scout of your city and 1% reduction in research time. This is only when they are mayor, these attributes mean different things if you send them to attack. Quick summary on attributes when attacking: Politics lowers loyalty, Attack increases units attack, Intelligence increases chance to gain intelligence when scouting.

    what is most valuable resource -> Lumber, it is worth the most on market.

    What is most important resource -> Food, without it no armies and no population

    What do I want to produce and in what quantities
    -> While in beginner protection: 11 Sawmills, 3 Ironmines, 5 Quarries, 3 Farms. If you plan to be very active in the game and want to make the most you can build more sawmills and less farms while in beginner protection.

    How do I manage without farms -> Food on a new server is very cheap, buy it. The less farms you have the more you can have producing something valuable like lumber.

    Ok but when price of food goes up what then -> By then you are farming npcs who at level 4 give 1.6 million food. However many people will
    not have many level 1-4 npcs within 10 miles and even fewer people will be the only ones farming them. This is why once out of bigginer protection the first thing I recommend is upgrade townhall then use extra city plots to build farms! There you have it, you got the best of both worlds the high valued lumber at the start and the food needed to feed the army you are now building up.

    Should I build a warehouse -> Yes get the quest done. Then I suggest demolishing it. Warehouse will protect your resources whoever you can all ways move your resources to another town of your or someone in your alliances. You can also send out your transports far away then recall them when it is safe.

    How do I level my intelligence hero -> When a building or research finishes the hero that is mayor gets the experience for it. So in the last minute before something finishes switch to your int hero and wait until his experience jumps. Once he has the experience switch back to your political hero.

    It says I will lose protection when upgrading townhall but I thought I lost it allready -> Click your profile picture if it says 'peaceful' under status your beginner protection has expired. It will allways give you this message and does NOT mean you still have protection.

    Someone Attacked and my units just let them!
    -> You did not open gate. To open gate click on the rally point and check the box that says open gate.

    What does the add to CL button do
    -> It will add them to your co-ordinate list

    What is a co-ordinate list -> In map view you click your cities name below co-ordiantes and it will show you all the locations you have on your CL

    This should cover 90% of the questions asked daily in my alliance I hope it does yours.
    Banana (I added this word to make sure noobies in my alliance read the guide)

    The second part is my guide to making the most of beginner protection. I do not claim this is the best way just the way I like to do it. If you follow my guide you will have over 30K prestige and be able to farm a level 4 NPC the first hour after your beginner protection wears off. My first time using these steps I had 50k Prestige and farmed a level 4 NPC my 7th day with zero losses.

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